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Analyze the problems identified by the company are right, making it simple and agile, with particular attention impact criteria, required skills and business opportunity



Turning initiatives into Projects. Providing agile methodologies, development alternatives (technological solutions) and allowing allocate resources based on a Business Case for Project detailing the objectives, deadlines, investment needs and business indicators



Accompanying the launch of projects with monitoring, communication and change management strategy. So that the synergies between the projects, the pace of implementation and quality of execution necessary for the success of digitization remains to be strengthened


The important thing is to know where you’re going

Today it is key to know how to influence the behavior of the consumer and your employee. To do this you have to stop the inertia, focus on the essential, think about the future and ask good questions.


We have developed for our clients:

  • Digital Transformation Plan
  • Business plans
  • Comprehensive internal and external communication plans
  • Marketing plans
  • Collaborative Intelligence for Decision Making
  • HR strategies and change management
  • People development plans




Transformation is the only viable way to survive

The use of data and technology allows to carry out new value propositions to the customer and the employee. With the data we can understand the «customer journey» and act on the contact points to maintain their level of commitment. In Openroom we know how to use the right levers that reside in the culture and people of the company, to enhance the implementation of business strategies.

In our experience we have worked in:


  • Project Offices
  • Employee experience
  • Design and implementation of collaboration and learning platforms
  • Mobile applications for HR
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Plans
  • Digital Compliance

Lo importante es saber hacia donde vas


Innovation occurs in the periphery of the company.

Today it is necessary to know, filter and distill the changes that occur in the markets and in the expectations your customers and employees. We must understand their needs and give feedback, if we want to consolidate and accelerate growth.


In our experience we have developed:

  • Launch of new digital business
  • Participation in entrepreneurial initiatives
  • Marketing Coach
  • Innovation Mentoring